“Coach Dee Burrowes is a coach in a Million and I really mean that. She is proficient in what she does and has you at the very forefront of her coaching.

She is a Coach that really makes a difference. She will work with you on all facets of your life especially your mind. Her programmes are next to none and I know that this trip to Dubai will change your life & the way you view things! I guarantee you, you will not remain the same. Procrastination & I Can’t are not a part of Dee’s Mantra. She believes in getting things done while seizing every moment doing it. Take this opportunity to join Dee in Dubai – You will be glad that you did…”

Jules O’Shile
Lifestyle Management Consultant
The Creative Lifestyle Group




“It’s a pleasure to write this testimonial for Dee Burrowes. I can attest to her amazing coaching, strategizing, and management services and can say that she is a major game changer to anyone she comes across.

Her extensive background in finance, management, strategy/analysis and executive life coaching gives her an exceptional ability to help improve people’s lifestyles and professional careers.

Her techniques guide people to take certain actions to produce incredible results and advance peoples lifestyles. Aside from being an amazing communicator and expert strategist, Dee is also a very smart, energetic, and charismatic person who’s always eager to help people in anyway she can.

I have no doubt Dee will become a huge asset for any person or company, and I highly recommend her!”

Gabriel Oria- Owner & Founder
Aperture Media




“The money workshop I completed with Dee was nothing short of eye opening. Her teachings gave me the chance to address money issues I never even knew I had. I especially loved the practical advice she gave, we weren’t just told what to do in theory but we were given a task to complete. This money task allowed me to understand her teachings so much better and gave a personal touch.

Dee’s teaching style was so relaxed, eloquent and natural. To this day I am implementing her lessons in both my business and personal life. I can’t wait to attend more of her workshops.”

Philo Newton
Principle Event Consultant




“Dee Burrowes is a truly inspirational coach and uplifting individual. She combines an insight into what is best for her clients with practical everyday solutions to improve all areas of your life. Her M.I.N.D.S.E.T. acronym is the introductory key to her brilliance. Discover for yourself.”

F Lynch
Corporate Tax Lawyer